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It's December!! :-) [03 Dec 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last Saturday was Gael's birthday party! I had a lot of fun I was probably one of the youngest people there but I really didn't feel like that which was cool. My mum probably wished that I had come home a bit earlier though! LOL!

Me, my mum, and my best mate from home went Christmas shopping on Sunday. Some of the shops seem crowded already! And we still have weeks to go, oh well Christmasy things make me all giddy! The only thing is...and now, I'm perfectly aware of how young I am but...I've just been thinking that Christmas would just be so much better if I had someone to share it with you know, like a boy....hmm...just another thing to put on my list, hehe!


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I'm back! :-) [25 Nov 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I can hardly believe that Christmas is only one month from today! There's so much to be done before that time! What does everyone want for Christmas?

I think that perhaps I will throw a party in a few weeks so that everyone can see each other again before we start filming GOF. I know that it hasn't been all that long since POA rapped but I really miss seeing all of you already!

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Goodbye to you [16 Nov 2003|11:56am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

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Hmm, hmm, hmmm... [09 Nov 2003|09:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I have whiled away the evening watching BBC's 1990 presentation of Pride and Prejudice. It was such a good way to spend five hours! I don't think I've ever seen a movie or miniseries or television show I enjoyed more. Nor have I ever seen a couple I liked more than Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. I was rooting for them from beginning to end.

Nothing is happening in my life. I wake up, I go to school, I do my school work, I go back to my dorm, I do homework, I go to bed. Fortunately, on the thirteenth I am flying to Australia to help Miranda move into her new house. I am excited about that. For one thing, it will be nice to meet Miranda and Liv, and for another I haven't been to Australia for two years! I love it there and I can hardly wait to go back.

In other news, I also saw Matrix Revolutions this weekend. What an excellent movie! I liked it far better than the second one- though not quite so well as the first. What an ending! I wish I could go more into depth, but what with it being such a new film, I don't want to ruin it.

Oh, guess what. Colin Firth got a journal. He's one of my favourite actors of all times! I wanted either him or Gary for Sirius. I was glad it was Gary, as I think he'll do a better job, but still, it would have been nice to work with Colin. Well, now I've probably managed to insult both of them in less than a paragraph. Anyways, the important thing is they are both wonderful! Go add them both if you haven't already done so- colin_firth and gary_oldman. I didn't mean to insult Gary by putting Colin's name first, it just comes alphabetically. All right, shutting up now.

Oh yes- make sure you all buy Victoria Adams' CD. It will be excellent. You can't really buy it right now as its not out, but when it does come out, you should.

All right, I'm really shutting up now.


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Best Wishes [07 Nov 2003|07:27am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear c_rankin
Happy birthday to you!

Even though you seemed to have abandoned your journal, I'm still here wishing you happy birthday!


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.... [05 Nov 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I am sitting here, at home. Yes, you read that- at home. I was supposed to stay at set until Saturday, but Mum rang me up and requested if I could come home. Since in all technicality, I wasn't need, I have been sent home.

I don't know exactly why Mum wanted me so bad as I am going back to school tomorrow. Probably to get me back into school. However, I overheard her talking to Dad and it sounds like they are considering have me home schooled. Not that I can blame them. I'm never at that place anyways. I don't much want to go back either!

I've been keeping up fine with my workload thanks to the tutors on set. I really don't want to go back. I used to love school, but now its rather drab and boring. I suppose I shouldn't be so pessimistic.

mir_otto, what is the exact date you are moving into your new home? Do you still want me to fly down and help out?


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**evil laugh** [01 Nov 2003|08:01am]
[ mood | satisfied ]

So, last night was the party and Hallowe'en. I had a really good time, and I hope everyone else did! It was great to see so many people- some for the first time (ie dev_aoki) and then all of our old cast mates- christian_c, mr_biggerstaff and kenneth_branagh.

There was sooo much candy and we still have so much left. I've no idea what we're going to do with all of it. Of course, Devon, Emma, Tom, Rupert, Dan and I have been eating large amounts at a very rapid pace, but still- I think we'll have enough left over for next Hallowe'en. Tom suggested we split it up and take it home to get out next year. I thought that might be a good idea, but Emma said something about it going stale.

I only have a week left on set- my last day is next Saturday. Then that'll be the end for Prisoner of Azkaban. We'll all go home and Alfonso and the film makers will turn all the footage into a great cinema masterpiece. Its going to be dreadful not being on set again. **pouts**

Oh well...filming for Goblet of Fire starts in February. :D


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he...**bounces around wildly** [29 Oct 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Emma and I are throwing a party. **jumps up and down**

You are all invited **runs around the room**

There will be candy, if I haven't eaten it all by the time you get there. **jumps up and down really fast**

And, so we sweet talked the people from set, and they decided to really really nice and they did up the Great Hall set in all its Hallowe'en glory. So, for all you wonderful people attending...in other words anyone we know who feels like popping by (costumes mandatory)...you will actually be having Hallowe'en at Hogwarts. Heh.

Hope to see you all there. I've eaten too much candy. I love Hallowe'en!

**jumps up and down, runs around and then crashes into a wall, spilling candy everywhere**

Ah yes, I'm better, for those of you who couldn't tell

**passes out again**


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Because I follow trendsetters.... [29 Oct 2003|07:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Trick or treatCollapse )


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A Plea for help [29 Oct 2003|07:39am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

ooc...sorry. Please read thoughCollapse )


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Blurry moon [27 Oct 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

I am sick and therefore, unhappy. Have you ever actually met someone who was sick and happy about it? I haven't. I think it would be one of those things that would defy the logic of the way the world works. But, the unhappy bit was beside the point, the sick part was what I meant to talk about.

I am sick, as I've already clarified. I have the flu, my throat is all swollen and have the fever. Heh- even when I'm sick I do things whole heartedly. So, here I am sick and in bed, typing away on my laptop and catching up on much needed homework.

I was planning on writing a long entry and trying to think too much like livvie_tyler, but now that the time comes to it, I just don't find myself able to. Instead, I'm looking at the moon.

I really like the moon, I'm not quite sure why. It always makes me smile. Its a very haunting image, but I've found recently that I can't sleep without it shining on me. Its a comfort. You know what this means of course, I've been spending far too much time reading up on Remus Lupin.

You know, I discovered something very interesting. Liv Tyler's name is a very interesting name. I tend to call people 'luv' a lot. However, if one day I decided to call Liv, Liv rather than luv, but made a spelling error, it would be all right because I call people luv all the time. Unless of course I didn't change 'i' for 'u'. Then the entire scenario would be useless.

I found a picture- its cute. Its me and Christian. Yay for me and Christian! We have pictures.

Look at it, luv it. But don't live itCollapse )


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Tears for the Children [25 Oct 2003|08:40pm]
[ mood | numb ]

Sometimes things happen, things you can't understand. You don't know why they happened or how any god or human could be cruel enough to wish it upon anyone, but nevertheless, they happen.

Today something awful happened. One of the sweetest, most cherished people I've ever known, linds_korman lost her twin children. Not only that, but the...man that fathered those children, a man that I at one point called my friend, ran out on her!

I can't help asking why something awful like this would happen to such a wonderful person. How can God do this to someone who has only ever been a loving woman to Nick and a wonderful mother to her unborn children?

When I first found out I cried. I cried and cried until there were no tears left. I had been somewhat jealous of Lindsey's kids because I was afraid they would detract the relationship I had with Lindsey and Nick. But never ever would I have wished they be taken from her.

Worst of all, Lindsey blames herself. Linds, I cannot say it enough- this is not your fault! You were never anything but a wonderful, loving, responsible mother to those children. How fitting is it that this happened the day before the anniversary of Richard Harris?

I just can't take all of this grief welling up in me. I know that by far Lindsey is dealing with the greater grief- but still! There is too much pain in this world, too much pain and hate and....oh, I don't know.

What is this world we live in? What kind of twisted world is this?


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Long time, no write [23 Oct 2003|10:12pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Goodness, I am ashamed of myself! I've never gone this long without an update. Dreadful! I should be tortured...somehow, but hopefully not too painfully. Heh.

I haven't actually been doing much recently. Well, except for filming the third Harry Potter movie alongside superstar names like Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith and Gary Oldman. You know, nothing extraordinary.

I've been having strange feelings for someone recently. I won't write who as he reads this and I'm not exactly sure what they mean. I'm still pretty young, so I think its more of a crush, if anything. I'm not going to say anything about as I don't want to risk our friendship.

He- I've made new travel plans! As soon as we wrap up Prisoner of Azkaban I am going to Mexico with Alfonso! I hope I get to meet all of my Mexican friends! I've never been to Mexico- its going to be so much fun!

Anyways, thats really all I have to say. I have one funny story from set. David Thewlis, who is of course, one of the greatest actors in the world, actually had to tone down his werewolf transformation positions as Alfonso thought it would be too frightening. I have to agree! He started to show it to me at lunch one day and I literally panicked, he looked like he was having a stroke or something. I tell you that man is amazing! All of those people out there who don't think he's going to be a good Remus because he's, apparently, not fine enough are quite pathetic. Trust me. David will not disappoint. He's a wonderful actor and an equally brilliant man and I simply could not imagine anyone else in the part of Remus.

So there you go, I've had my rant of the week.




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A quickie [20 Oct 2003|05:31pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Happy 45th ljviggo! Despite you're feeling old semi-crisis, I still think you're great.

I sent you a present...its a book of famous quotes and poems from famous British writers...I thought you might enjoy it...hopefully. It will be there, soon...I think.

Remind me to do a really meaningful entry in the near future...really. Have some pictures from PoA as an apology.

Harry on night meeting SiriusCollapse )


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Question [14 Oct 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

If given the choice between this fine example of a young lady...

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